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It's summer and that means Fun Flys! Team RobirdUSA has already been to several of them across the United States and we'll be at a few more. Come and see our pilots - Richard Keppell, Brandon Gaither, Steve Copous and myself and say Hello. We'd love to meet you and talk about the Robird G31.


Why buy a Robird G31?

That’s a very good question, especially when there are so many flybarless controllers currently on the market. Selecting a fbl controller can be confusing and expensive so let me share with you a few thoughts -

Pricing: When I first decided to sell the Robird G31 fbl controller it was because I wanted to offer pilots a low cost alternative to the more expensive controllers that were out on the market. All fbl controllers are meant to do the same thing – make your flybarless heli fly like a flybarred heli without the extra mechanicals. Low cost doesn’t mean that the product is cheap or inferior, it just points out the differences between two products that basically offer the same level of performance.  And high cost or expensive doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a better product.

After-Sales Service: There are few things more frustrating than buying a product only to have the seller “go dark” afterwards when you have questions or problems. A fbl controller requires more attention during installation and setup than a tail-hold gyro and sometimes customers have questions. RobirdUSA is based in California and we respond to our customers when we’re contacted. Plain and simple.

Proven reliability: Sometimes I receive a call or an e-mail from a potential Robird customer who says “Tell me why I should buy a Robird.” I respond to them with a discussion about cost and performance but I always say “To be honest, I sell Robird so of course I’m going to say the best. So go to the internet forums and hobby magazines to see what my customers have said about the Robird G31 and then make your decision.”

So why buy a Robird G31? Because if you want an affordable, feature rich and reliable flybarless controller that you’re going to entrust your expensive helicopter to, then the Robird G31 is your solution!


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Read the product review of the Robird G31 in the June/July 2013 issue of Radio Control Heli Pilot magazine!



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